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New Zealand Moisture Meters is based in Christchurch, New Zealand and is the official home for a range of handheld Moisture Meters for professionals. New Zealand Moisture Meters meets the needs of the following areas: Building, Agriculture, Geotechnical, Insurance Flood Restoration, Flooring and Other Meters. NZ Moisture meters is proudly New Zealand owned and operated by Rob McGregor. Rob has over 20 years industry knowledge and he has previously worked within the building industry as aGet price

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While Watermetrics can provide a number of soil moisture / temperature sensors we are able to use other types. Provides certainty around when to irrigate. Promoting efficient use of water and other farm resources. Know when NOT to irrigate. Provides certainty around when NOT to irrigate.Get price

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New Zealand Moisture Meters Ltd. Name: Rob McGregor Address: 1078 Newtons Rd, Rolleston, Christchurch, NZ. Free Phone: 0800 213 343 Mobile: 021 334 469 Phone: 03 421 8908 Fax: 03 347 7243 E-mail: [email protected] Calibration and Repair 2 Brockhall Lane Avonhead Christchurch 8042 Attn: YewPing Ling Mobile: 027 9424757Get price

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Material moisture is mostly measured when it is a case of determining the moisture content of building materials or fuels. In both cases, it is vital that the moisture is below defined limit values. A digital moisture meter for material moisture supports you in this process. Determine humidity with a moisture meter – but correctlyGet price

Soil Moisture Monitoring | WaterForce

Aquaflex soil moisture sensors are designed locally and have been installed for over 15 years commercially, giving a robust solution proven to work in New Zealand soils. The Aquaflex sensor uses a 3 meter long tape to measure the soil moisture over the entire length, equating to 6 litres of soil.Get price

Stanley Moisture Meter | Bunnings Warehouse

Stanley Moisture Meter. Description. bui-chevron-up. Measuring environment temperature. Two detection pins (8mm length) to locate in material being tested. Operating temperature 0 - 40° C. Operates at 80% humidity. LCD display indicating the moisture level on a bar graph. This Stanley Moisture Meter runs on 4 x AAA batteries (included) and is designed for measuring masonry (mortar, concrete, plaster) moisture from 0.2% to 2.0% and wood moisture from 6% to 44%.Get price

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GNMMD950 GENERAL Moisture Meter . GENERAL. Stock Code: GNMMD950 . Quantity. Description . New Zealand. Postal Address. PO Box 204 233 Highbrook Auckland 2161 NewGet price

Guide to weathertight invasive testing | Building Performance

Mar 08, 2019 · After a visual inspection your assessor will be likely to test for moisture behind the cladding with a non-invasive meter. To confirm the possibility of moisture in your framing holes will need to be drilled to allow probes to be inserted. This will enable accurate recording of the moisture content in the framing and likelihood of decay existing.Get price

Golden Fields — SAMAP Hand Held Grain Humidity Meter

SAMAP-O-TEST, Electronic Moisture Meter, a universal programmable instrument for all grains and pulses, and for various types of granular matter (eg pollen). See specifications below. $897.00: $780.00: SA-HHG: SAMAP Hand Held Grain Humidity Meter: $165.00: $143.50Get price

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9A, 9-11 Laidlaw way, East Tamaki Auckland 2019, New Zealand. [email protected], 0800 323 327Get price

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Moisture Meters - essential tools to protect the quality of your work. New Zealand Moisture Meters is based in Christchurch, New Zealand and is the official home for a range of handheld Moisture Meters for professionals. New Zealand Moisture Meters meets the needs of the following areas: * Building * Agriculture * Geotechnical * Flood RestorationGet price

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Fully integrated weighing solutions, packaging equipment and labelling systems, food processing equipment, and custom labels manufactured in New Zealand. Our weighing, packaging and labelling solutions enable businesses of all sizes to achieve optimum levels of efficiency, quality control and productivity.Get price

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New Zealand. It provides a comprehensive resource for soil moisture monitoring in New Zealand. Compiled by: Birendra KC, Steven Breneger, Andrew Curtis with support from AgResearch, Fruition Horticulture, Harvest Electronics, Hydroservices, Landcare Research, Plant Food Research, Streats Instruments, and Water Supply Products.Get price

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Environmental Instruments, Humidity Therma Hygrometer, Model 7000 Moisture Meter, LX113S, LX105 LX107 light meters, Professional Sound Level Meter SL4011Get price


The survey results show that New Zealand homes are becoming sufficiently airtight that infiltration alone will not generally provide adequate ventilation. This could impact indoor air quality and moisture control. Most houses have sufficient ventilation However, the infiltration rate is only one component of the ventilation rate in a dwelling.Get price

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New Zealandleaky home epidemic A leaky home is a nightmare, and we have plenty of them here in New Zealand.Leaky homes are almost impossible to sell, and if you do sell one, you’ll get nothing close to what you paid for it.Get price

Moisture Level Meter | Jaycar Electronics New Zealand

While not typically associated with electronics, this moisture meter is a handy addition to any home handymanarsenal. When it comes to seeing of theremoisture ingress on walls or decking, you can't go past a quality instrument like this one.Get price

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We provide a variety of cheap moisture meter walls supplied by reliable sellers around the world. Helping you on your way to finding coffee moisture meters online of satisfaction is what we aim for. Enjoy exploring diverse arrays of garden moisture meters sale and shop ideal rice moisture meter from nz.dhgate.com with free delivery to New Zealand.Get price

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Calibrated to popular New Zealand and Australian wood species; Portable and easy to use; Battery included; Test your firewood to ensure your Scandia wood fire is achieving optimal performance with the Scandia Moisture Meter. Ideally, firewood should have a moisture content less than 15%.Get price

Moisture Meter - Scientific Sales

This Moisture Meter is used to measure the moisture level in building materials such as timber, cardboard, paper and hardened materials such as plaster, concrete and mortar. Featuring a simple to use and easy to read display, a bar graph extends up the screen indicating the amount of moisture.Get price

Soil Moisture Deficit (SMD) | NIWA

Many regions experience soil moisture deficits in these ranges every year (e.g. Central Otago), and farming systems are designed to cope. However: If the SMD is less than -110 mm AND the Soil Moisture Anomaly is less than -20 mm, then soils are "severely drier than normal" and drought conditions (if not present already) may be imminent.Get price

432B Moisture Meter for hire - Hirepool

The testo 606-1 is a compact moisture meter that meaures the moisture content in wood, walls and other surfaces and materials and fits snugly in any pocket. Precise moisture measurements in wood, cement, screed etc. Characteristic curves for different types of wood. Hold function: freezes the last reading for convenient use.Get price

Calibration | Measurement Standards Laboratory

MSL is an IANZ-accredited calibration and testing laboratory offering premium calibration services. MSL is New Zealand’s national metrology institute providing internationally traceable measurements directly linked to the International System of Units (SI). Our calibration services reflect this in accuracy, precision and detail.Get price

Pocket Size Moisture Level Meter for Wood Building

METER MOISTURE POCKET WOOD/BLDG W/LCD. This is an intelligent wood moisture meter suitable for measuring water content in building materials and wooden fibre articles such as wooden and bamboo objects, cotton, paper etc. Simple to use, the unit comes with two-pin electrode which enables you to check thick lumber at the core without having to cut the wood.Get price

Transformer dew point measurement insulation moisture 1 | TD

Per C57.93-2007 Figure B.2 - Moisture equilibrium chart - the moisture content equates to 0.75% of the dry weight of insulation at the junction of 114 μm (15.2 Pa) vapor pressure and the insulation temperature of 20 °C.Get price

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Scientific Sales is New Zealandleading provider of weather stations, commercial and consumer environmental monitoring equipment. We provide the tools for our customers to monitor and measure the world around them.Get price

10006702 - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This report describes the occurrence of spontaneous heating in an 800-metric-ton heap of Wyoming coal. The major part of the report deals with the oxidation of Pittsburgh seam and Wyoming subbituminous coal and describes an experiment in which 1 metric ton of Wyoming coal is stored in a 5-meter-long insulated container while air is passed through.Get price

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Eucalyptus (/ ˌ juː k ə ˈ l ɪ p t ə s /) is a genus of over seven hundred species of flowering trees, shrubs or mallees in the myrtle family, Myrtaceae.Along with several other genera in the tribe Eucalypteae, including Corymbia, they are commonly known as eucalypts.Get price

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Seedburo Equipment Company is a manufacturer and distributor of handling, testing and grading equipment for the grain, feed and seed industries. Seedburo has been the leading supplier for over 100 years.Get price