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The Operation Opera played a psychological role in Pakistan as it was a successful operation commenced by Israeli Air Force. The Air Intelligence picked reports about suspected activities near the Indo-Pakistan border. Therefore, PAF was put on high alert and in 1983, the PAF made first contact with suspected IAF F-16s.Get price


prescribed in the Operating Regulations govern Air Cargo Operations in Pakistan and shall be used in conjunction with Civil Aviation Ordinance 1960, Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority Ordinance 1982, Civil Aviation Rules 1994, relevant Manuals and applicable Procedures. 1.4.2 These Regulations comprise of V Sections.Get price


CAPS Fellows’ Seminar Report 29 Aug 2016 1 Centre for Air Power Studies | @CAPS_India | Centre for Air Power Studies Title: ANALYSIS OF PAKISTAN AIR FORCE Chairperson: Gp Capt Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow Speaker: Gp Capt Ravinder Singh Chhatwal (Retd), Senior Fellow Discussant: Wg Cdr BS Nijjar, Research Fellow, CAPSGet price

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This is the list of serving Air Marshals of the Pakistan Air Force.At present, the Air Force has 1 Air Chief Marshal (ACM), 6 Air Marshals (AM) and 34 Air Vice Marshals (AVM).Get price

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Supervision of Apprentice technicians to conduct all sorts of maintenance work (corrective, preventive, predictive) on complete electrical system(132 kV GIS Grid Station, Power and Distribution Transformers up to 20MVA, MV LV Motors(Slip Ring Motors, Squirrel cage-up to 3.2 MW, Liquid Starters(For Slip Ring Motors),Soft Starters Star Delta Starters (for Squirrel Cage Motors),VariableGet price

Never mind Balakot, IAF is worse off than Pakistan Air Force

I am a retired Indian Navy personnel(CPO UC1), and from my experience and analysis from what i have seen during my 27 years in sea i can confidently say that Indian Naval air arm is superior from pakistan air force leave IAF which is far superior than many developed countries.Get price

RFS- Disaster in Karachi Pakistan International airlines

Pakistan International Airlines Flight 8303 was a scheduled domestic flight from Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore to Jinnah International Airport...Get price

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“Pakistan is a third-world country, and it might not have the same resources and finances that others might have in the region. So when the PAF does evaluate something, it is evaluated thoroughly”. Everyone in the industry knows that the PAF are hard taskmasters, and if they want to sell to the PAF, it will evaluated from every angle.Get price

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All Sikh Brothers And Sisters Are Welcomed To This Great New Channel, Meant To Promote Sikh NationRelations With PakistanGet price

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With Pakistanarmed forces currently considering acquisition of the Chinese HQ-9B surface to air missile system, an analogue to the Russian S-300PMU-2, to provide some long range air defences capability, the military may be seeking adopt an approach to air defence more heavily reliant on asymmetric surface to air missile systems to counter potential attacks from the larger Air force ofGet price

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• Tested and commissioned sf6 gas, Air pressure, protective components of transformer like fans test, low oil alarm test, temperature indicator test and tab changer. • Inspected repaired transformer, at Electrical High Complex, to meet standardized results through short open circuit test and vector group test.Get price

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May 27, 2020 · The JH-7, while utilizing an old air frame, is a highly effective aircraft for deep strike operations. The jet first flew in 1988 and small numbers were delivered to the Chinese People’sGet price

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Feb 08, 2018 · Pakistan Air Force (PAF) will announce the Registration Dates from 11 th Feb 2018 for 146 GDP and 92 Aeronautical Engineering course for both Male/Female. Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is the aerial branch of the Pakistan Armed Forces. Pakistan Air Force plays integral part in the defense of Pakistan.Get price

FAA has determined Pakistansafety standards to be inefficient

Jul 16, 2020 · Air carriers from a Category 2 rated country – which Pakistan has just become – are not allowed to initiate new service to the U.S. Latest News COVID-19: Latest news and analysis for the aviation sectorGet price


flight planning requirements contained in the Pakistan Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) in ENR Section. 4.2 All aircraft transiting through Lahore FIR shall strictly comply with the following: a. Operate along or as close as possible to the centerline of the assigned contingency air traffic route. b.Get price

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PakistanAirSial completes certification, preps for launch 24.12.2020 - 02:52 UTC. AirSial (PF, Karachi Int'l) will begin commercial flight operations on Friday, December 25, after completing all of its regulatory requirements.Get price

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The grant will co-finance independent assessors, who are accredited by IHA and a multi-stakeholder governance council, to carry out an assessment using the HESG. The assessment involves a site visual inspection and interviews with stakeholders and concludes with an official report and a gap management plan.Get price


South Asian Strategic Stability Institute (SASSI) University has recently (November-2018-Januray 2019) executed a rigorous ( six weeks) professional training program designed for the newly inducted researchers of the Centre of Aerospace Security Studies (CASS).Get price

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under Royal Pakistan Air Scouts Sikorsky H-19D: US Helicopter Search and rescue: 1950s 1971: 8: First helicopter operated by the PAF. North American T-6 Harvard T-6G US Propeller Trainer 1947 1970s: 12: Introduced on formation of the Royal Pakistan Air Force. Hawker Siddeley Trident Trident 1E UK Jet Transport 1967 1970: 4: VIP transportGet price

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May 11, 2020 · The nearly 700 aircraft, and 70,000 personnel strong Pakistan Air Force (PAF), Pāk Fizāʾiyah, is tasked primarily with the aerial defence of Pakistan with a secondary role of providing air support to the Pakistan Army and Navy. It was establishment as the Royal Pakistan Air Force after India’s partition in 1947, and was alloted 2,332Get price

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The Royal Pakistan Air Force (RPAF) was established on 14 August 1947 with the independence of Pakistan from British India. The RPAF began with a paper share allotment of 2,332 personnel, a fleet of 24 Tempest II fighter-bombers, 16 Hawker Typhoon fighters, two H.P.57 Halifax bombers, 2 Auster aircraft, twelve North American Harvard trainers and ten de Havilland Tiger Moth biplanes.Get price

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PAKISTAN AIR FORCE OFFERS COMMISSION ~Permanent Commission (PC) in General Duty Pilot, Engineering and Air Defence Branches ~Special Purpose Short Service Commission (SPSSC) in Engineering and Education Branches ~Short Service Commission (SSC) in General Duty Pilot Female, Air Defence, ASD, Logistics, Accounts Met BranchesGet price

Pakistan official gave away critical details on Air defence

This is super exclusive. Indian OSINT expert has decoded what may considered as biggest goof up by Pakistani Military establishment. As per OSINT expert who goes by the name @ArmouredAssault on social media microblogging site ‘Twitter’ Pakistan gave away crucial details about it’s air defence systems. This what he tweeted in his thread! Enjoy and […]Get price

Kabul Air Quality Index (AQI) and Afghanistan Air Pollution

Kabul’s readings, due to being the only ones taken out of any of Afghanistancities in 2019, were high enough to place it into the 4 th most polluted country worldwide, coming in behind Mongolia, Pakistan and Bangladesh. This makes Kabulair very polluted, with dangers to all portions of the population being present.Get price

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in Pakistan) were fleeing Afghanistan and hiding in the FATA and later SWAT regions were they were soon wreaking havoc. The Pakistan Army went into FATA in a bid to flush out the miscreants, but soon saw casualties mounting up due to a lack of knowledge in the region and a lack of proper air support.Get price

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ASF Pakistan. 52K likes. Official Facebook Page of Airports Security Force PakistanGet price

How Pakistan Might Pursue its Future Strike Aircraft Needs

Dec 01, 2019 · For the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), dedicated long-range attack aircraft have neither been available nor affordable. However, it has sought to build conventional deep-strike capabilities for decades, and with the market not responding, the PAF is looking in-house to find a solution.Get price

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Jun 10, 2020 · Pakistan Air Force Academy, Asghar Khan , Risalpur The academy was created in 1910 and was a former airfield of the Royal Flying Corps , and later Royal Air Force. Located in a basin 1050 feet above sea level , it is bounded on the south and west by the Kabul and Kalpani rivers , respectively.Get price

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The strike on the JeM camp in the city of Balakot in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province by 12 Indian Mirage 2000 aircraft was the first aerial bombardment of Pakistani territory since theGet price