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To have the humidity calculation function be internal to the DX, since we want to monitor humidity along with the internal temperature of the environmental testing equipment To use general purpose RTDs rather than specialized humidity sensors, and avoid depending on external instruments and complicated programmingGet price

Sulfr hexafluoride Multi-Analyzers | TD World

The three parameters that determine the quality, gaz sf6 concentration, humidity and quantity of decomposition products, can now be measured in one single operation with the new insulating gas Multi-Analyzer. As a result, service specialists can determine on site whether the gas still complies with the IEC Standard 60480 (sf 6 reuse) or whether it needsGet price

GDSF-311WPD 3-in-1 sf 6 Gas Analyzer-3-in-1 sf6 gas analyzer

General Information. GDSF-311WPD is ideal instrument when it is necessary to test water content, purity and decomposition products of Sulfr hexafluoride gas. The core component of dew point test is DRYCAP® series sensors produced by Finland Vaisala company.Get price

Zirconia Oxygen/Humidity Analyzer ZR22G, ZR802G | Yokogawa

This analyzer consists basically of a probe and a converter that are used as both a Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer and High Temperature Humidity Analyzer. The ZR802G converter uses a digital display, displays the cell temperature and cell emf in addition to the oxygen concentration and includes a Human Machine Interface (HMI), that offers easy touchGet price

Facilities Maintenance Solutions

Recommended facilities maintenance solutions Fluke Corporation PO Box 9090, Everett, WA 98206 U.S.A. For more information call: In the U.S.A. (800) 443-5853 or Fax (425) 446-5116Get price

Fluke 971 Temperature Humidity Meter | Fluke

Quickly and conveniently take accurate humidity and temperature readings with the Fluke 971. The Fluke 971 is invaluable for facility maintenance and utility technicians, HVAC-service contractors, and specialists who assess indoor air quality (IAQ). Lightweight and easy to hold, the Fluke 971 is the perfect tool for monitoring problem areas.Get price

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Process analyzers are on-line tools for industrial process analytics, used to determine the chemical composition or physical properties of substances involved in industrial processes. They enable process optimization, asset protection, and compliance with environmental regulations.Get price

MEDAS Humidity Module - HORIBA

The MEDAS Humidity Module (MHM) is an extension module for humidity control that operates in connection with MEDAS and the MEDAS Temperature Module. The MHM allows engine intake humidity to be controlled within the range of 10 to 80 % at any given altitude and temperature.Get price

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Indoor air quality is more important now than ever before. Regulating temperature, humidity, and ventilation levels with proper HVAC equipment helps ensure safety for health and comfort. Browse Flukeindoor air quality testing products today.Get price

Portable Gas-Flow Analyzer - Biomedical Testing Equipment

tilator parameters to speed performance testing and other evaluations. EC.6.20 now requires completion of 100 % of life-support device preventive maintenance every year. VT MOBILE can help you meet those requirements. The base unit measures high- and low-flow ranges, volume, pressure, and oxygen concentra-tion.Get price

Sulfr hexafluoride Circuit Breakers - TestGuy

They are very reliable and require less maintenance than air blast or oil breakers and can operate at higher voltages effectively. sf6 gas in cold climates Nitrogen and freon-14 are added to keep sf 6 gasified at lower temperatures.Get price

Electrical Safety Analyzer Technical Data

Item numbers/Descriptions ESA612 Electrical Safety Analyzer ESA612 ESA612 United States, 115 V, 20 A ESA612-01 ESA612 France, 230 V ESA612-02 ESA612 Europe, 230 VGet price

Sulfr hexafluoride gas analyzer - KPM KS30 | KPM Engineering Solu

The detector can be used in air humidity test including air, nitrogen, inert gas and any air that contains no corrosive medium., especially the humidity test of gaz sf6 air. Features Zero point and slope self-calibration after start, dew point calibration by single point way for full range (patent technology)Get price

RAPIDPoint 500 Systems - Siemens Healthineers

Advance your critical care testing with easy-to-use, trusted technology Designed to meet the challenges of point-of-care settings, RAPIDPoint ® 500 Blood Gas Systems leverage proven Siemens technology to deliver fast, accurate and comprehensive test results in approximately 60 seconds.Get price

Single Channel Oxygen Analyzer System ZR22/ZR402 | Yokogawa

The Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer System includes the ZR402G converter and ZR22 detector and is capable of measuring oxygen concentration or humidity in non-combustion applications with a single analyzer. Its LCD touch screen provides easy operation, and digital communications are standard, allowing for remote configuration and troubleshooting.Get price

Ventilation / Air Quality - Measuring instruments - Products

Whether it’s for measurement , maintenance or quality assurance, Wohler’s product line of small test and measurement equipment are your go to tools. Wohler test and measurement equipment are precise, fast responsive and efficient to get your job done quickly. Take a look at our product overview of ventilation and air quality meters for airGet price

CORONAVIRUS COVID-19 - Chemistry analyzer

chemistry analyzer is an essential component in performing clinical chemistry tests recommended in the assessment and treatment of critically ill COVID-19 patients. The EasyRA clinical chemistry analyzer performs these tests all in a small, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn bench-top analyzer. Limited maintenance and low water consumption makeGet price

Incubator Radiant Warmer Analyzers | Fluke Biomedical

Fluke Biomedical infant radiant warmer and incubator analyzers have been trusted by health technology professionals for more than 20 years. Our lineup of neonatal test equipment is a complete NICU quality assurance solution to ensure full infant safety.Get price

Air Quality Analyzers Met One Instruments | Envira IOT

Met One Instruments is a company specialized in solutions for environmental monitoring, including among their services weather products, particles, data register and specific software solutions. We are the official technical support of Met One Instruments products for Spain, Portugal and Andorra since 1998.Get price

CLINITEK Novus® Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer

CLINITEK Novus ® Analyzer combines dry-pad urine chemistry technology and a cassette test format to help ensure maximum productivity and standardized testing with other CLINITEK ® analyzers. Offering a full spectrum of tests and a throughput of up to 240 samples/hour, it streamlines workflow, simplifies testing, and delivers consistent, highGet price

Wöhler A 550 Flue Gas Analyzer | Wohler USA

As robust as cast iron, but as easy to operate as a smartphone – thatwhat Wohlernew flue gas analyzer feels like in your hand. Appropriately, the advantages are equally substantial: A tip with your finger on the Wohler A 550 is all that is required to perform analyses, inspections and settings on residential and commercial appliances.Get price


It introduces new functions and is more user-friendly, while still maintaining high accuracy. In conjunction with the MEXA-ONE (Motor Exhaust Gas Analyzer), the system can be used to measure extremely low emission levels such as SULEV. The new CVS reliably supports emission testing requirements of today and into the future.Get price

HICOSYS - Hobré Analyzer Solutions

Flexible carbon monoxide (CO) and moisture (H 2 O) analyzer. The Hobré HICOSYS is the first to combine H 2 O and CO as two measuring components in one analyser. Enabled with multiple sample points, the HICOSYS is an exceedingly flexible instrument that can be fitted at all types of spray dryer installations.Get price

Wohler A 550 L Combustion Analyzer - Combustion Analyzers

As robust as cast iron, but as easy to operate as a smartphone – thatwhat Wohlernew flue gas analyzer feels like in your hand. Appropriately, the advantages are equally substantial: A tip with your finger on the Wohler A 550 is all that is required to perform analyses, inspections and settings on residential and commercial appliances.Get price

INCU™ II Skin Temperature Heater Assembly

The test will not start if the temperature is ≥30 °C. 5. On the Analyzer, use and to enter the temperature shown on the DUT and then push . Maintenance The Accessory needs little maintenance or special care. Treat the Analyzer as a calibrated measurement instrument. Do not drop or cause other mechanical abuse.Get price

VT650 Gas Flow Analyzer | Fluke Biomedical

Reduce testing time with built-in line sensors which automatically test humidity temperature and oxygen while compensating for atmospheric pressure and environmental conditions Easily transport and store the lightweight (3.64 lb/1.6 kg) all-in-one device – no extra modules for different testsGet price

Blood gas analyzer - ABL90 FLEX - Radiometer

When time is of the essence, turn to the ABL90 FLEX blood gas analyzer. Designed specifically for demanding hospital wards like the ICU, the NICU and the ED, the ABL90 FLEX analyzer is quickly ready for the next sample. In just 35 seconds, our cassette-based ABL90 FLEX analyzer can deliver 17 parameters from a sample as small as 65 μL.Get price