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Our range of air purifiers use the latest technology to determine the air quality of a room and adapt the unit’s settings accordingly. Our air purifiers utilise a multi-layered filtering system, best used by people who suffer from hay fever or dust allergies. Available to hire from depots nationwide.Get price

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An Air cleaner can be a portable or fixed piece of equipment that is designed to extract pollution from an indoor area. Filtered Recirculation air cleaners use a variety of filters designed to address various pollutants at varying levels by drawing the polluted air through the specific filters before recirculation of the now cleaned air back into the indoor environment.Get price

Rensair | Hospital Grade Air Purifier | Supplier to the NHS

Independent worldwide leaders in science and technology have extensively tested the Rensair air purifier technology incl. Eurofins, Norconsult Oslo University Hospital. Large Cleaning Capacity. Rensair cleans up to 560 m³ air per hour. This means that one Rensair air purifier can clean a room of 230 m² with normal ceiling height per hour.Get price

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Air Purifiers Patented, core technology tested against Coronavirus DF2 (not SARS-CoV2), Adenovirus, Influenza virus and Poliovirus, The Radic8 Viruskiller TM range is here. Leading the global fight against airborne and droplet viruses, and perfect for all areas of the dental practice, the Radic8 Viruskiller TM neutralises 99.9999%* of virusesGet price

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ICS Cool Energy provides commercial, industrial and medical solutions for air purification with a range of AirXPro medical grade air purifiers with air flow rates from 380m³ to 1500m³ per hour. The AirXPro multi-fan design air purifiers remove 99.6% of airborne bacteria, viruses and pollutants* and have a PM2.5 removal rate of 99.87% (30m²Get price

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Browse more air purifiers and dehumidifiers from our Fans range online, and buy in-store at BM. TOTAL SATISFACTION GUARANTEED If you are not happy with a purchase you make at our stores, simply return it in its original condition, with proof of purchase, within 30 days and we’ll give you a full refund or replacement.*Get price