Greenland Telescope Opens New Era of Arctic Astronomy

Cambridge, MA - To study the most extreme objects in the Universe, astronomers sometimes have to go to some extreme places themselves. Over the past several months, a team of scientists has braved frigid temperatures to set up and observe with a new radio telescope in Greenland.Get price


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Measurement and Kinematics | Harvard Natural Sciences Lecture

1 Oxford St Cambridge MA 02138 Science Center B-08A (617) 495-5824 Standard meter sticks and selection of cubic volumes. Aluminum/Uranium and insulating gas/Air/HeliumGet price

Greenland - Wikipedia

Greenland (Greenlandic: Kalaallit Nunaat, pronounced [kalaːɬit nunaːt]; Danish: Grønland, pronounced [ˈkʁɶnˌlænˀ]) is the worldlargest island, located between the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Greenland is an autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark.Get price

A complete map of Greenland ice velocity - Cambridge Core

While numerous maps of Greenland ice flow velocity exist, most have gaps in coverage and/or accuracy is limited. We processed a large volume of synthetic aperture radar and Landsat 8 imagery collected between 1995 and 2015 to produce a nearly complete map of ice flow velocity for Greenland at a far greater accuracy than most prior products.Get price

A SAR record of early 21st century change in Greenland

A SAR record of early 21st century change in Greenland IAN JOUGHIN,1 BEN E. SMITH,1 IAN M. HOWAT,2 TWILA MOON,3 TED A. SCAMBOS4 1Polar Science Center, Applied Physics Lab, University of Washington, 1013 NE 40th Street, Seattle, WA 98105-6698, USAGet price

Greenland ice sheet - Wikipedia

Helheim Glacier, East Greenland had a stable terminus from the 1970s–2000. In 2001–2005 the glacier retreated 7 km (4.3 mi) and accelerated from 20 to 33 m or 70 to 110 ft/day, while thinning up to 130 meters (430 ft) in the terminus region. Kangerdlugssuaq Glacier, East Greenland had a stable terminus history from 1960 to 2002.Get price

Greenland Sea - Wikipedia

The Greenland Sea is a body of water that borders Greenland to the west, the Svalbard archipelago to the east, Fram Strait and the Arctic Ocean to the north, and the Norwegian Sea and Iceland to the south. The Greenland Sea is often defined as part of the Arctic Ocean, sometimes as part of the Atlantic Ocean.Get price

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Distance Calculator – How far is it?

Distance Calculator – How far is it? The Distance Calculator can find distance between any two cities or locations available in The World Clock. The distance is calculated in kilometers, miles and nautical miles, and the initial compass bearing/heading from the origin to the destination.Get price

Satellite Data Shows Lakes on Greenland Ice Sheet Can Drain

Now, Cambridge researchers have used satellites to ‘see in the dark’ and show that these lakes can also drain in the winter. Credit: Ian Willis Using satellite data to ‘see in the dark’, researchers have shown for the first time that lakes on the Greenland Ice Sheet drain during winter, a finding with implications for the speed at whichGet price

20th-Century Industrial Black Carbon Emissions Altered Arctic

Black carbon (BC) from biomass and fossil fuel combustion alters chemical and physical properties of the atmosphere and snow albedo, yet little is known about its emission or deposition histories. Measurements of BC, vanillic acid, and non–sea-salt sulfur in ice cores indicate that sources and concentrations of BC in Greenland precipitation varied greatly since 1788 as a result of borealGet price

Using Ice Cores and Gaussian Process Emulation to Recover

dome in south Greenland and a large ice dome in north Greenland (e.g., Calov et al., 2015; Langebroek Nisancioglu, 2016). Here we build on these studies with a new comprehensive investigation of the response of 𝛿18O to changes in the shape and extent of the GIS at 125 ka. We combine a synthesis of all available 𝛿18O data from deepGet price

Geography of Greenland - Wikipedia

Greenlandmountain ranges are partially or completely buried by ice. The highest mountains are in the Watkins Range, which runs along the eastern coast. Greenlandhighest mountain is Gunnbjorn Fjeld with a height of 3,700 meters (12,139 ft).Get price

Glaciologist studies Greenland snow conditions and helps

GREENLAND—On a typically frigid mid-July day at Summit Station, almost smack in the middle of Greenland, with the temperature hovering around -10°C, Elizabeth Morris and John Sweeny were bundled up against the cold atop their black Ski-Doo snowmobiles, which Morris described as being similar to motorcycles on ski tracks. They drove the vehicles—without yet attaching three wooden sledsGet price

Lakes on Greenland Ice Sheet can drain huge amounts of water

Mar 31, 2021 · Lakes form on the surface of the Greenland ice sheet each summer as the weather warms. They exist for weeks or months but can drain in a matter of hours due to hydrofracturing, transferringGet price

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Cainta Greenland Executive Village - Sta. Lucia Properties

Aug 12, 2020 · Cainta Greenland. Quality living beyond expectations. A prime residential community nestled at the bustling area of Eastern Metro Manila, Cainta Greenland Executive Village is an ideal place to build a home for your family. It’s complete with the facilities of a modern community that caters to your basic and recreational needs.Get price

The Secret of Sea Level Rise: It Will Vary Greatly By Region

Mar 22, 2010 · What’s true for temperature, it turns out, is also true for another frequently invoked consequence of global warming. Sea level, according to the best current projections, could rise by about a meter by 2100, in large part due to melting of the Greenland and West Antarctic ice sheets. But that figure, too, is just a global average.Get price

COVID Live Update: 149,640,437 Cases and 3,153,273 Deaths

2 days ago · Reported Cases and Deaths by Country or Territory. The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 220 countries and territories.The day is reset after midnight GMT+0.The list of countries and their regional classification is based on the United Nations Geoscheme.Get price

A massive waterfall formed on Greenlandice sheet. Here's

Dec 04, 2019 · What may have been the worldtallest waterfall briefly formed on Greenlandice sheet last year, draining a meltwater lake of 5 million cubic meters of water -- equivalent to 2,000 OlympicGet price

Update On the World’s Diminishing Resources, Part III

Greenland. In Greenland, ice occupies 1.7 million sq km or about 82% of the island’s surface, and exceeds 3 kilometers at its thickest point. If it melted completely it would cause sea levels to rise by 7.2 meters.Get price

GreenlandIce Sheet Briefly Hosted the WorldTallest

Dec 10, 2019 · Cambridge researchers studying the event say the waterfall in Greenland measured roughly 1,000 meters tall.Get price

North Atlantic Ocean productivity has dropped 10 percent

May 06, 2019 · In the North Atlantic, phytoplankton likely produced MSA that was deposited to the north, including across Greenland. The researchers measured MSA in Greenland ice cores — in this case using 100- to 200-meter-long columns of snow and ice that represent layers of past snowfall events preserved over hundreds of years.Get price

Coronavirus puts Arctic climate change research on ice

Coronavirus lockdowns have been touted on social media as helping to fight climate change. But in the Arctic Circle the virus is disrupting climate science. It could leave important gaps in ourGet price

Lakes discovered beneath Greenland ice sheet -- ScienceDaily

Nov 27, 2013 · Lakes discovered beneath Greenland ice sheet Date: November 27, 2013 Source: University of Cambridge Summary: Scientists have discovered two subglacial lakes 800 meters below the Greenland Ice Sheet.Get price

14.11 Global Warming - Greenland Theory

"Greenland Theory: Apocalypse Now" (2014) is a book by David Chase Taylor which explores the unrecognized but mighty conspiracy which has been hidden from humanity for ages, unfortunately to the detriment of all life forms which have inhabited planet Earth.Get price

NSF-Funded Research Sheds New Light on How Surface Water

While the slower drainage from Lake Half Moon caused the glacial pace to increase from baseline values of 90-100 meters (295-328 feet) per year to a maximum of around 420 meters (1,377 feet) a year, glacial movement in the area affected by Lake Ponting reached maximum velocities of 1,500--1,600 meters (4.920-5,249 feet) per year, nearly fourGet price

North Atlantic Ocean Productivity has Dropped 10 Percent

“The whole process of how one safely transports a 100-meter section of ice from Greenland, kept at minus-20-degree conditions, back to the United States is a massive undertaking,” Osman says. Cascading effects. The team incorporated the expertise of researchers at various labs around the world in analyzing each of the 12 ice cores for MSA.Get price

New Maps Chart Greenland Glaciers' Melting Risk

Apr 21, 2016 · In most of the world, a deeper seafloor would not make much difference in the rate of melting, because typically ocean water is warmer near the surface and colder below. But Greenland is exactly the opposite. Surface water down to a depth of almost a thousand feet (300 meters) comes mostly from Arctic river runoff.Get price